We have been successful in numerous cases involving medical malpractice, one that we are proud of, is a case we recently resolved in court which involved an emergency room misdiagnosis and the failure to provide proper care to our client.

Initially, our client, a 45 year old African-American male, was taken to the emergency room complaining of abdominal pain that radiated to his back. For TWENTY SIX HOURS the doctors in the hospital treated him under the assumption that he was suffering from an ulcer. His girlfriend, a registered nurse, kept telling the hospital staff that he didn’t suffer from ulcers and that it was something more serious. Even though early testing indicated that it was not an ulcer the doctors failed to realize the severity of the situation and eventually the client’s suffered an rupture in his aorta at which point the hospital decided to transfer our client to a second hospital more suited to perform surgery. There was an additional delay of approximately three hours. By the time our client had reached the second hospital, it was too late, and he passed away before ever getting to the operating table.

Although there was a lot of delay and finger pointing among the various doctors and hospitals, we pushed ahead and after many court dates and depositions, we secured, immediately before trial, a settlement close to seven figures for the family members of our client. This was a very good settlement, especially in view of the wrongful death laws in New York.

The family members were satisfied that justice had been done after all they had been through and we were gratified that we had a part in it.

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