These two questions are most often asked by our clients: How long will the litigation take and what they can expect as compensation for their injuries?

The best answer we can offer is that there are many variables that go into giving an accurate prediction. The factors of the particular case, the injuries suffered by our client and the insurance carrier(s) that we are going to combat are just a few of these factors.

Initially, it is our job to fully investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the claim, to make sure the claims are set up properly, that all filing deadlines are met. We then monitor our client’s medical treatment and finally gather and submit these accumulated records to the particular insurance carrier(s) in hopes of early resolution. Depending on the injuries and length of medical treatment needed this process can take up to a year and sometimes even longer.

If we see that a claim is not the type that might settle in these early stages, we will quickly file a lawsuit in the appropriate court. From the time of filing, depending again on numerous factors, the lawsuit can last as little as a year or two but can sometimes become so complex that additional time is required so that when the day comes, to present that case before a judge or jury, all relevant information has been properly exchanged between the parties.

By way of example, we recently settled a case in which we represented a hearing impaired motorcyclist who was struck by a vehicle that failed to properly yield at a stop sign. Our client’s injures including a broken leg which required surgery and aftercare. We moved aggressively. Once the initial emergency room and surgical records were submitted to the insurance carrier the case settled. Our client was fully compensated for his injuries and was extremely surprised that the entire matter took only four months.

Although the above example is not indicative of future results we do pride ourselves on not letting cases linger, on knowing each client personally and representing them as efficiently and zealously as possible.

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