At some point in a case, there will be depositions. A deposition, or in New York, it is sometimes called a examination before trial, or EBT, is a question and answer session.

The lawyers get to question the other parties, and sometimes witnesses, about what they know about the issues in the case. The question-and-answer session has the same legal effect as testimony at trial, and it will often be used at th trial. A deposition does not take place in a court room. It will usually be held in a lawyer’s office or a court reporting agency. While it may seem informal, it is extremely important to your case.

It is absolutely vital that you be fully prepared before you attend your deposition. We always make sure to go over all the facts and all the areas that we anticipate will be covered in advance of the deposition, so our clients are calm and ready and most important, prepared.

At the deposition is our role as lawyers, is to protect our clients and to clarify questions that seem to be improper or unclear, or even misleading, and to object if the question is clearly improper.

If you have any questions about depositions, please contact us for more information.